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On you'll find the best collection of Make Over games! You'll find no less than 121 different Make Over games, such as Douchebag Beach Club & Douchebag's Chick.?

Play the Best Makeover Games for Free Online at FunnyGames

广东26选5复式选号 We’ve got a huge collection of amazing fashion makeover games here for you at FunnyGames! If you absolutely love extreme makeover shows on TV in which people are given a completely new appearance then we’ve got the perfect games for you. In our fantastic collection, you’ll find all kinds of spa games, fashion and make-up makeovers, and hairdressing games! Choose a character and help your model undergo a complete transformation!

Enjoy our Amazing Spa and Makeover Games with Your Favourite Characters

In our spa games, you get to start your makeover with a cleansing spa treatment. Pick your favourite characters and head to the beauty spa. Give your model a facial scrub and a soothing face mask to cleanse her skin before you apply any cosmetics. Sometimes your character will have some skin problems that need to be taken care of first. Once your model is all freshened up, you can head to the studio to pick out a cute new outfit. Try on some different styles and find out what type of clothing suits your character best. You can personalise their look by adding some matching accessories. Now you’re ready to start styling their hair and make-up. You can change their make-up and haircut as many times as needed to find the perfect match. With your expert skills, your model will be ready for a professional photoshoot in no time. If you’re happy with their new look, you can snap a quick portrait to capture their unbelievable transformation. Say cheese!

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