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Bubble Shooter games

On you'll find the best collection of Bubble Shooter games! You'll find no less than 106 different Bubble Shooter games, such as Bubblez & Tingly Bubble Shooter.?

广东26选5复式选号 Pop the bubbles and clear the playing field in these addictive online Bubble Shooter games! Bubble Shooter is based on a 1994 arcade game called Puzzle Bobble (alternatively titled Bust-a-Move). The aim is to make combinations of three or more matching bubbles with your bubble cannon. This will cause the bubbles to pop and vanish. If you miss, however, more bubbles will trickle down. If the bubbles sink down to the bottom of the field, you lose the game! The bubbles come in all kinds of cheerful colors, and more new colors will appear as you play. The more different colors, the harder it becomes to create bubble-combos though! Can you keep the party popping in these free online Bubble Shooter games?


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