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Adam and Eve games

On you'll find the best collection of Adam and Eve games! You'll find no less than 8 different Adam and Eve games, such as Adam and Eve 4 & Adam and Eve 1.?

广东26选5复式选号 Adam and Eve games tell the strange story of the first humans: Adam and Eve. These games follow the conniving caveman Adam on a series of adventures. Whether it's getting away from his wife, concocting strange love potions, or sneaking up on tourists to scare them, Adam usually needs a helping hand to carry out his little schemes. To make sure Adam can pass through the levels safely, you'll have to move various obstacles out of a way in a series of point and click challenges. Click on items and see what happens. Can you figure out the right order in which to tap the various items? You'll have to create bridges and stairs, move the monsters out of the way, lower ladders, push little boats into place, help Adam drive various vehicles, and much more. Play all the Adam and Eve games online for free!


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